5 Ferns To Grow

Ferns To Grow

When thinking of enhancing the beauty of your garden, one of the most effective methods that come to your mind is the planting of ferns. They do not require much maintenance like the other plants do and are easy to grow too. The textures and foliage of the ferns also make it a good choice for your yard. Ferns have different types of yields that have varying patterns of growth, making it a bit difficult for you to narrow down to a particular one that is best for you. While some species die in the autumn to regrow in spring, the evergreen ones give produce all year round.

Growing ferns isn’t like how you grow other plants; so, you need to look for the ones that suit your garden and check their suitability in that green space of yours. Some may need sun for growth, while others prefer shade. And many of them produce good leaves in moist, well-drained soil, but a few of them need dry shade to thrive. When planning to grow ferns, you need to know several such factors. Once you have learnt them, it is time for you to check the types of ferns that are best to be planted in your garden.

1.      Adiantum venustum

Adiantum venustum

If you are planning to grow Adiantum venustum at your garden, you need to protect it from the winds, and it should also be planted in dappled shade or an excellent well-covered shade. It is an evergreen Himalayan maidenhair fern that has light green fronds and is delicate. The fronds will darken with age, and the thickness of the plant will prove to be a bane if you do not plant it at a favourable spot. This fern can grow up to 22-38cm.

2.      Asplenium scolopendrium

Get some saplings of Asplenium scolopendrium for your garden if it grows well in your local area. This evergreen fern needs no much care or maintenance; you will only need to tidy its surrounding during spring. Its height can go up to 45-60cm.

Asplenium scolopendrium

3.      Asplenium scolopendrium Crispum Group

The Crispum Group is yet another evergreen fern type, which is a cultivar of Asplenium scolopendrium. It has vibrant leaves with wavy edges, which become more pronounced with age. This group will grow up to 30-60cm.

Asplenium scolopendrium Crispum Group

4.      Athyrium niponicum

This eye-catching deciduous fern type is a Japanese native that is painted burgundy and silver to enhance the elegance of a garden. It has several cultivars that you can opt for if you want a different color. Make sure to plant it in moist soil, and also, look out for its growth pattern because it can go different ways without staying upright. Athyrium niponicum can grow up to 30-38cm.

5.      Dryopteris erythrosora

Dryopteris erythrosora is an evergreen fern that needs only a bit tidying up at the start of spring. It is known as the autumn fern because it turns red and grows in the spring with slight shedding, and it will eventually become green from the bronze shade.


5 Ferns To Grow

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