Water Security for Urban Gardens

Water Security for Urban Gardens

Water Security for Urban Gardens

Water is one of the most necessary commodities that is necessary for gardening alongside many other human needs. During calamities like drought, the risk of not finding any water supply can damage the year yield for gardens. It is essential for good gardening that we find out new ways of conserving water for the tough times and have enough for our crops, plants, and trees equally.

The role of water tanks

Rainwater may not be quite suitable for drinking and cooking, but it can solve the problem for gardeners and farmers. It can provide a valuable resource to households and help in sustaining the biodiversity of the gardens. Many companies have started building businesses around water tanks as it is a practical plan, especially for the regions which face a long drought period.

Water tanks can store rainwater for long purpose gardening while reducing the cost of water supply from paid sources. It is also effective in the areas which have hard soil that cannot absorb much water. This results in excessive runoff during the rainy seasons, which can also cause flooding and erosion. Storing some of this water in water tanks can help in controlling these effects while keeping water for irrigation purposes.

When you plan on installing water tanks at your garden, always choose the biggest tanks. It is a one-time investment that can save you a lot of water during the rainy seasons and reduce the cost of buying water.

Ideas for Water Security

New methods of water security are being implemented in the developing countries which can face the problem of water in the remote regions. Several organisations are working with the governments to provide the best water solutions to such regions. Some of the best methods include,

Wastewater recycling

Sewerage and sanitation drain away a lot of water. There are discussions on how the wastewater can be treated and reused for agriculture purposes. Greywater recycling and treating wastewater is an essential concept that we need to learn more about for water security.



Make water a public good

Due to the privatisation of many public commodities, the public sector faces a lot of problems. If the water is made private, then the people are at the mercy of market logic. If better rights to water is adopted in society, it will encourage more comprehensive thinking that can equally address the needs of every citizen.

The use of smart technology

New technologies are implemented around the world, which can ensure water security for the future. People can use low-cost sensors and software that can optimise water use and detect problems in the tanking systems.

Legalising water vendors

Having small scale water providers in the remote regions can be a great way of providing water supply to the areas which are not connected to the water lines. The private vendors can get the license to provide a good quality service. It is important that the government remains the key regulators in this engagement.


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